AAL- ATM Adaption Layer

ACL- Access Control List

ADO- ActiveX Data Objects

ADSL-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADT- Abstract Data Type

ALGOL- Algorithmic Language

ALU- Arithmetic and Logical Unit

ANSI- American National Standard Institute

ARP- Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA- Address and Routing Parameter Area

ARPA- Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

AS- Access Server

ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASM- Algorithmic State Machine

ASP- Active Server Pages

ASP- Application Server Provider

AT- Access Time

AT- Active Terminology

ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

AVC- Advanced Video Coding

AVI- Audio Video Interleaved

AWT- Abstract Window Toolkit


BAL- Basic Assembly Language

BASIC- Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BCD- Binary Coded Decimal

BCNF- Boyce-codd Normal Form

BER- Bit Error Rate

BIN- Binary

BINAC- Binary Automatic Computer

BIOS- Basic Input Output System

BLOB- Binary Large Object

BNC- Bayonet Neill-Concelman

BPS- Bits per Second


CAD- Computer Aided Design

CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAT- Computer Aided Translation

CASE- Computer-Aided Software Engineering

CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access

CD-ROM- CD Read Only Memory

CIFS- Common Internet File System

CISC- Complex Instruction Set Computer

CLR- Common Language Runtime

CMOS- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

COBOL- Common Business Oriented Language

COM- Component Object Model

CORBA- Common Object Request Broker Architecture

CPS- Characters per Second

CPU- Central Processing Unit

CRC- Cyclic Redundancy Check


DAC- Digital to Analog Converter

DAO- Data Access Objects

DAP- Directory access protocol

DBA- Data Base Administrator

DCCP- Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

DCL- Data Control Language

DCOM- Distributed Component Object Model

DDE- Dynamic Data Exchange

DES- Data Encryption Standard

DFD- Data Flow Diagram

DFS- Distributed File System

DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHTML- Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DMA- Direct Memory Access

DML- Data Manipulation Language

DNS- Domain Name System

DOM- Document Object Model

DoS- Denial of Service

DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory

DSDL- Document Schema Definition Languages

DSL- Digital Subscriber Line

DSL- Domain Specific Language

DVD- Digital Video Disc

DVD-ROM – DVD Read Only Memory

DVI- Digital Video Interface

DVR- Digital Video Recorder


EAI- Extensible Authentication Protocol

EBML- Extensible Binary Meta Language

EEPROM- Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EFI- Extensible Firmware Interface

ELM- Electronic Mail

EOF- End of File

EOL- End of Line

EUC- Extended UNIX Code

EXT- Extended File System


FAP- FORTRAN Assembly Program

FAT- File Allocation Table

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

FDD- Floppy Disk Drive

FDDI- Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDMA- Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEC- Forward Error Correction

FHS- File system Hierarchy Standard

FIFO- First in First out

FORTRAN- Formula Translation

FPS- Floating Point System

FSM- Finite State Machine

FTTP- Fiber to the Premises

FTP- File Transfer Protocol

FXP- File Exchange Protocol


GB- Giga Byte

GIF- Graphic Interchange Format

GIGO- Garbage in Garbage Out

GIMP- GNU Image Manipulation Program

GML- Geography Markup Language

GUI- Graphical User Interface

GWT- Google Web Toolkit


HBA- Host Bus Adaptor

HDD- Hard Disk Drive

HD DVD- High Definition DVD

HDL- Hardware Description Language

HID- Human Interface Device

HP- Hewlett-Packard

HPFS- High Performance File System

HTM- Hierarchical Temporal Memory

HTML- Hyper Text Markup language

HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Hz- Hertz


IC- Integrated Circuit

ICE- In circuit Emulator

ICMP- Internet Control Message Protocol

ICP- Internet Cache Protocol

IDE- Integrated Development Environment

IDL- Interface Definition Language

IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IGRP- Integrated Gateway Routing Protocol

IL- Intermediate Language

IM- Instant Messenger

IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol

IP- Internet Protocol

IPC- Inter Process Communication

IPL- Initial Program Load

IPP- Internet Printing Protocol

IPX- Internet Packet Exchange

ISA- Instruction Set Architecture

ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO- International Organization for Standardization

ISP- Internet Service Provider


J2EE- Java 2 Enterprise Edition

J2SE- Java 2 standard Edition

JDBC- Java Database Connectivity

JDK- Java Development Kit

JFC- Java Foundation Classes

JMS- Java Message Service

JNDI- Java Naming and Directory Interface

JNI- Java Native Interface

JPEG- Joint Photographic Experts Group

JRE- Java Runtime Environment

JS- Java Script

JSP- Java Server Pages

JVM- Java Virtual Machine


KB- Kilo Byte

KHz- Kilo Hertz

KBPS- Kilo Bytes Per Second


LAN- Local Area Network

LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

LCR- Least Cost Routing

LED- Light Emitting Diode

LIFO- Last in First Out

LOC- Lines of Code


MAC- Media Access Control

MAN- Metropolitan Area Network

MANET- Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

MDA- Mail Delivery Agent

MIB- Management Information Base

MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MIDI- Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIMD- Multiple Instruction Multiple Data

MIMO- Multiple Input Multiple Output

MIPS- Million Instructions Per Second

MOSFET- Metal-Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor

MPEG- Motion Pictures Expert Group

MTA- Mail Transfer Agent

MX- Mail Exchange


NACK- Negative Acknowledgement

NAT- Network Address Translation

NFS- Network File System

NOS- Network Operating System

NUMA- Non-Uniform Memory Access

NVR- Network Video Recorder

NVRAM- Non-Volatile Random Access Memory


OASIS- Organization for the advancement of Structured Information Standards

ODBC- Open Data Base Connectivity

OLAP- Online Analytical Processing

OLE- Object Linking and Embedding

OLTP- Online Transaction Processing

OOP- Object Oriented Programming

OPML- Outline Processor Markup Language

ORB- Object Request Broker

OSI- Open Systems Interconnection


PAN- Personal Area Network

PAP- Password Authentication Protocol

PDA- Personal Digital Assistant

PDF- Portable Document Format

PERL- Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

PHP- PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor

PPI- Pixels per Inch

PVR- Personal Video Recorder


QA- Quality Assurance

QOS- Quality of Service


RAM- Random Access Memory

RDBMS- Relational Data Base Connectivity

RDM- Relational Data Model

RDS- Remote Data Service

RIP- Routing Information Protocol

RMI- Remote Method Invocation

ROM- Read Only Memory

RPC- Remote Procedure Call


SAAS- Software as a Service

SAN- Storage Area Network

SAX- Simple Area for XML

SCADA- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCID- Source Code in Data Base

SDH- Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

SDK- Software Development Kit

SMS- Short Message Service

SMT- Simultaneous Multithreading

SNTP- Simple Network Time Protocol

SOA- Service-Oriented Architecture

SOAP- Simple Object Access Protocol

SPARC- Scalable Process Architecture

SQL- Structured Query Language


TCP- Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

TDMA- Time Division Multiple Access


UDP- User Datagram Protocol

UHF- Ultra High Frequency

UI- User Interface

UML- Unified Modeling Language

UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL- Uniform Resource Locator

USB- Universal Serial Bus


VBA- Virtual Basic For Application

VBS- Visual Basic Script

VFS- Virtual File System

VHF- Very High Frequency

VLAN- Virtual Local Area Network

VLF- Very Low Frequency

VM- Virtual Machine

VoIP- Video over Internet Protocol

VPU- Virtual Processing Unit

VSAM- Virtual Storage Access Method


WAFS- Web Area File Services

WAN- Wide Area Network

WAP- Wireless Access Point

WiMAX- World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network

WMV- Windows Media Video

WPA- Wi-Fi Protected Access

WWW- World Wide Web

XAML- Extensible Application Mark-up Language

XHTML-Extensible Hyper Text Mark-up Language

XSL- Extensible Style sheet Language


ZIF- Zero Insertion Force

ZOI- Zero One Infinity



Apple:                          Jammu & Kashmir

Rice:                              West Bengal

Bajra:                            Rajasthan

Bamboos:                  Assam

Bananas:                   Tamilnadu

Barley:                       Uttar Pradesh

Cashewnut:            Kerala

Chillies:                    Maharashtra

Cotton:                     Gujarat

Wheat:                     Uttar Pradesh

Maize:                      Andhra Pradesh

Gram & Pulses:   Madhya Pradesh

Ground Nut:        Gujarat

Jute:                         West Bengal

Mango:                   Uttar Pradesh

Maize:                     Uttar Pradesh

Mustard:              Rajasthan

Onion:                   Maharashtra

Pepper:                Kerala

Paddy:                  West Bengal

Potato:                 Uttar Pradesh

Ragi:                      Karnataka

Rubber:               Kerala

Silk:                       Karnataka

Sugarcane:       Uttar Pradesh

Soyabean:        Madhya Pradesh

Sunflower:      Karnataka

Tea:                     Assam

Tobacco:          Andhra Pradesh

Turmeric:        Andhra Pradesh

Wheat:             Uttar Pradesh

Tur:                     Uttar Pradesh

Coconut:         Kerala



Rajnath Singh Home Affairs
Manohar Parrikar Defence
Arun Jaitley Finance, Corporate Affairs, Information & Broadcasting
Venkaiah Naidu Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Parliamentary Affairs
Nitin Jairam Gadkari Road Transport and Highways
Sushma Swaraj External Affairs, Overseas Indian Affairs
Suresh Prabhu Railways
D.V. Sadananda Gowda Law & Justice
Uma Bharati Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Najma A. Heptulla Minority Affairs
Ram Vilas Paswan Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
Kalraj Mishra Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Maneka Gandhi Women and Child Development
Ananth Kumar Chemicals and Fertilizers
Ravi Shankar Prasad Communications and Information Technology
Jagat Prakash Nadda Health & Family Welfare
Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati Civil Aviation
Anant Geete Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
Harsimrat Kaur Badal Food Processing Industries
Narendra Singh Tomar Mines, Steel
Ch. Birender Singh Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking Water and Sanitation
Jual Oram Tribal Affairs
Radha Mohan Singh Agriculture
Thawar Chand Gehlot Social Justice and Empowerment
Smriti Zubin Irani Human Resource Development
Harsh Vardhan Science and Technology, Earth Sciences


All Exam Tips


NIACL Assistant Exam (January 17, 2015) GK Questions: Morning Shift

1) National Consumers Right Day was observed on – 24 December

2) Author of the book “Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years” – Pranab Mukherjee

3) RBI recently extended the deadline for exchanging pre-2005 of various denominations to – 30 June 2015

4) Capital of Germany – Berlin

5) Union External Affairs Minister – Sushma Swaraj

6) Which bank recently acquired ING Vysya bank – Kotak Mahindra Bank

7) National Good Governance Day was observed on – 25 December

8) Nobel Prize in Medicine 2014 won by – John O´Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser

9) Indian Science Congress was recently held at – Mumbai

10) AirAsia flight QZ8501 plane recently crashed in which country – Indonesia

11) Name the mascot of the 35th National Games 2015 – “Ammu”’, The Great Hornbill

12) Venue of common wealth games 2018 – Queensland, Australia

13) Jwala Gutta is associated with which game – Badminton

14) Share of Tata Sons in Vistara airlines – 51%

15) Which country recently successfully test-launched Angara-A5 rocket – Russia

16) 2015 world cup cricket will be held at – Australia and Newzealand

17) Satpura ranges stretches from Gujarat in west to which place in east – Chhattisgarh

18) SEBI extended the deadline for appointing at least one woman director to – April 1, 2015

19) Brand Ambassador of ICC world cup 2015 – Sachin Tendulkar

20) Monthly composite index was launched by which bank – SBI

21) Full form of NITI in ‘NITI Ayog’ – National Institution for Transforming India

22) Name sole reinsurance company in the Indian insurance market – General Insurance Corporation of India

23) Nikkei is which country’s stock exchange – Japan

24) World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) headquarters – Geneva, Switzerland

25) Who was recently appointed UN goodwill ambassador of South Asia -Sania Mirza

26) Military Exercise named “Hand In Hand” was held recently between India and – China

27) Global Financial Stability Growth report was recently published by – IMF

28) China signed an agreement with which country to expand use of currency for border trade – Nepal

29) Which bank recently got licence to enter in insurance sector – Kotak Mahindra Bank

30) Dibang Nation Park is located in – Arunachal Pradesh


NIACL Assistant Exam (January 17, 2015) GK Questions: Evening Shift


1) Capital of Czech Republic – Prague

2) Chemistry Nobel Prize 2014 winners – Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner

3) Currency of Portugal – Euro

4) ‘NITI Ayog’ new name of which among the following – Planning Commission

5) Gir national park is situated in – Gujarat

6) IRDA is a – Statutory body

7) Headquarters of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – Madrid, Spain

8) Grammy Awards are given for outstanding achievement in which field – Music Industry

9) Yash Chopra award was recently awarded to – Amitabh Bachchan

10) Union minister of law & justice – Sadananda Gowda

11) Demarcation line between India and Pakistan – Radcliffe Line

12) National Education Day – November 11 (Birthday of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad)

13) Author of the book ;And Then One Day: A Memoir’ – Naseeruddin Shah

14) Name the Russian President who recently visited India – Vladimir Putin

15) Small and payment bank paid up capital – Rs.100 crore

16) NATO full form – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

17) In ‘CAR’ A stand for – Adequacy (Capital adequacy ratio)

18) AML full form – Anti Money Laundering

19) Name the central bank of the People’s Republic of China – People’s Bank of China

20) SBI compisite index related to – Manufacturing Sector

21) Scheme for upgrading villages In india – Sansad Adarsh Grama Yojana

22) Bank account can be used after the age of – 10 years

23) C.K. Naidu lifetime achievement is related to which sports – Cricket

24) Cntrl + X is shortcut for – Cut

25) Umesh Yadav and Axar Patel are related to which sport – Cricket

26) Name the recently launched scheme to achieve full immunization coverage for all children by 2020 – Mission Indradhanush

27) Rajnath Singh recently launched women safety mobile app named – Himmat

28) Which company recently acquired tech firm Wishpicker – Snapdeal



1. LALITA PRASAD PANT HARISH CHANDRA PANT 09-06-1982 GEN 3481406218 83.5 09-02-2015

2. JITENDER KUMAR SHUKVEER SINGH 04-07-1987 GEN 3482218203 82.75 09-02-2015

3. ANIL KUMAR SEMALTI K L SEMALTI 15-08-1980 GEN 3481723367 82.5 09-02-2015

4. LALIT MOHAN JOSHI DHARMANAND JOSHI 25-03-1985 GEN 3481311399 82.5 09-02-2015

5. AMIT KALA MANMOHAN KALA 03-03-1988 GEN 3482308430 82.5 09-02-2015

6. ARVIND SINGH GYAN SINGH 11-07-1988 GEN 3482346310 82.5 09-02-2015

7. RAJESH CHANDRA NAUITYAL KUSHALNAND NAUTIYAL 13-06-1987 GEN 3481723366 82.25 09-02-2015

8. ARVIND SINGH BIST DAYAL SINGH BIST 24-08-1989 GEN 3481601130 81.75 09-02-2015

9. DEEPAK SINGH MANKOTI POORAN SINGH MANKOTI 02-12-1989 GEN 3481201015 81.75 09-02-2015

10. GOKULA NAND MAHESH CHANDRA 01-07-1980 GEN 3481613102 80.75 09-02-2015

11. ARVIND GAUR KESHVNAND GAUR 20-09-1981 GEN 3482334209 80.5 09-02-2015

12. ANIL RAYAL PREM LAL 01-07-1988 GEN 3482119270 79.75 09-02-2015

13. ANOOP KUMAR SUNDERMAL CHAMOLI 25-09-1992 GEN 3482028024 79.5 09-02-2015

14. DURGESH PATIRAM DEBRANI 02-07-1987 GEN 3482009162 79 09-02-2015

15. ELASH CHANDRA JOSHI VIPIN CHANDER JOSHI 09-01-1985 GEN 3481206117 78.75 09-02-2015

16. AARTI KANWAL HARSH SINGH 21-12-1989 GEN WO 3481408302 78.75 09-02-2015

17. RAJVEER SINGH DANU JEEVAN SINGH DANU 19-12-1993 GEN 3481304495 78.5 09-02-2015

18. ANITA CHAUHAN JANAY SINGH CHAUHAN GEN 3481721459 78.25 09-02-2015

19. VAISHALI THAKRAL RAJESHWAR 04-12-1991 GEN WO 3482225298 78.25 09-02-2015

20. RAJENDRA SINGH BAHADUR SINGH 02-06-989 GEN 3481312427 77.75 09-02-2015

21. VIJAY PANDEY SHANKAR DUTT PANDEY 11-03-1986 GEN 3481416347 77.75 09-02-2015



07-07-1987 GEN 3482345021 77.75 09-02-2015

23. ANIL SILSWAL LALMANI SHARMA 06-09-1983 GEN 3482343308 77.5 09-02-2015

24. NIJAMUDEEN NURUDDIN 12-07-1984 GEN 3481606327 77.5 09-02-2015

25. MADHUR GIRISH CHANDRA 13-12-1984 GEN 3481502143 77.5 09-02-2015

26. SHIV PRASAD SITA RAM SHRIPAL 01-05-1987 GEN 3482307016 77.5 09-02-2015

27. JANMJAY CHAND RAMOLA SUMER CHAND RAMOLA 27-05-1989 GEN 3481701283 77.5 09-02-2015



09-07-1989 GEN 3482341138 77.5 09-02-2015

29. SANCHIT SEMWAL DINESH PRASAD SEMWAL 05-02-1992 GEN 3482006143 77.5 09-02-2015

30. SURENDRA SINGH JANAK SINGH 05-07-1984 GEN 3481707042 77.25 09-02-2015

31. UMESH CHANDRA DAYAKRISHNA 02-01-1985 GEN 3481519485 77.25 09-02-2015



17-09-1982 GEN 3482344283 77 09-02-2015



31-03-1983 GEN 3481610371 77 09-02-2015

34. SUMIT KUMAR YOGENDER SINGH 08-05-1993 GEN 3482352206 77 09-02-2015

35. VIPIN KUMAR PURAN CHAND 08-06-1995 GEN 3481710185 77 09-02-2015

36. YOGESH PANDEY TARA DUTT PANDEY 28-08-1982 GEN 3482239081 76.75 09-02-2015

37. DEEPAK JOSHI CHINTAMANI JOSHI 27-09-1989 GEN 3481632258 76.75 09-02-2015

38. ROHIT SINGH VINENDRA SINGH 07-09-1991 GEN 3481711253 76.75 09-02-2015

39. RAM SINGH BHIST DAN SINGH BHIST 01-07-1980 GEN 3481637582 76.5 09-02-2015



29-07-1984 GEN 3482339231 76.5 09-02-2015

41. KULDEEP SINGH THAKUR SINGH 23-05-1985 GEN 3482336118 76.5 09-02-2015

42. HITESH SINGH SURESH SINGH 15-04-1989 GEN 3481106216 76.5 09-02-2015

43. AJAY BHATT RAMESH CHANDRA BHATT 01-06-1986 GEN 3482328174 76.25 09-02-2015

44. NEERAJ NARESHCHAND ARYA 01-01-1988 GEN 3482230128 76.25 09-02-2015

45. PANKAJ MAHRA SUNDER SINGH MAHRA 15-08-1988 GEN 3481102330 76.25 09-02-2015

46. BHANU SINGH MEHRA LAL SINGH MEHRA 12-06-1990 GEN 3482334467 76.25 09-02-2015

47. KM.ANJALI HARI KISHAN KOSHAL 27-06-1990 GEN 3482309088 76.25 09-02-2015

48. PUNEET KUKSHAL VICHITRA NAND KUKSHAL 21-09-1991 GEN 3482006246 76.25 09-02-2015

49. GANESH SINGH RADHE SINGH 16-05-1994 GEN 3481416120 76.25 09-02-2015

50. VIKRAM SINGH KATHAIT RAJENDER 09-07-1990 GEN 3482328371 76 09-02-2015

51. PRAMOD KUMAR PURAN CHANDRA 12-04-1981 GEN 3481637475 75.75 09-02-2015

52. CHANDRA SINGH BHAKUNI RAM SINGH BHAKUNI 28-06-1981 GEN 3481304428 75.75 09-02-2015

53. MUKESH SINGH NEGI JEET SINGH NEGI 26-03-1984 GEN 3481725282 75.75 09-02-2015

54. MUKESH SEMWAL VED PRAKASH SEMWAL 21-09-1984 GEN 3482308419 75.75 09-02-2015

55. DHEERESH JOSHI P.D. JOSHI 20-09-1988 GEN 3481526035 75.75 09-02-2015

56. PRAVEEN CHANDRA BHATT DAYA KRISHANA BHATT 23-01-1992 GEN 3481110150 75.75 09-02-2015

57. MEHARBAN ALI SHRI SHIFTEN ALI 01-11-1981 GEN 3482220261 75.5 09-02-2015



12-05-1990 GEN 3481528465 75.5 09-02-2015



06-12-1992 GEN 3481505145 75.5 09-02-2015

60. VIKRANT ARYA OMBIR SINGH 15-04-1994 GEN 3482213150 75.5 09-02-2015

61. VIVEK JOSHI SUDAMA PRASAD JOSHI 28-06-1192 GEN 3482322334 75.25 09-02-2015

62. DEEPAK KUMAR PANDEY DHARMANAND PANDEY 01-10-1975 GEN 3481505074 75.25 09-02-2015

63. TRILOK SINGH DAN SINGH 21-06-1980 GEN 3481915200 75.25 09-02-2015

64. MANMOHAN SINGH VIRENDRA SINGH BAGADI 09-07-1986 GEN 3482350071 75.25 09-02-2015

65. RAGHAVENDRA SINGH MATURA FATEH SINGH MATURA 16-04-1987 GEN 3481727162 75.25 09-02-2015

66. KAMAL KISHOR PANT SHEKRANAND PANT 01-01-1989 GEN 3481606321 75.25 09-02-2015

67. RENU BUTOLA PAR SINGH BUTOLA 16-05-1989 GEN WO 3481804183 75.25 09-02-2015

68. OM PRAKASH DHWARIKA PRASAD 20-06-1980 GEN 3482025380 75 09-02-2015

69. RAVISH MOHAN BRIJMOHAN MANDOLA 01-05-1982 GEN 3482021342 75 09-02-2015

70. INDAR SINGH TEJ SINGH 09-05-1983 GEN 3481202025 75 09-02-2015

71. RAJESH CHANDRA TRIVEDI PRAMOD KUMAR TRIVEDI 27-10-1984 GEN 3482335567 75 09-02-2015

72. DEPPAK PANWAR DHRMA SINGH 10-12-1985 GEN 3481530419 75 09-02-2015

73. AJAYVEER SINGH SURENDER SINGH ASWAL 15-11-1986 GEN 3482322430 75 09-02-2015

74. DEEPAK KOTHIYAL CHANRAMANI KOTHIYAL 02-06-1989 GEN 3481720046 75 09-02-2015

75. PRADEEP SINGH PANWAR PRATAP SINGH PANWAR 28-07-1989 GEN 3481725062 75 09-02-2015

76. PUSHKAR SINGH RAWAT LAXMAN SINGH RAWAT 17-10-1989 GEN 3482238218 75 09-02-2015

77. ROBIN SINGH STY PRAKASH 24-06-1990 GEN 3482309087 75 09-02-2015

78. RACHNA MADAN SINGH 10-06-1991 GEN 3481630034 75 09-02-2015

79. PANKAJ RAUTELA GOVIND SINGH 25-05-1992 GEN 3482315211 75 09-02-2015

80. MUKESH PUNETHA NARAYAN DAT PUNETHA 02-07-1987 GEN 3481105084 74.75 09-02-2015

81. PRAKASH SINGH KORANGA KUNDAN SINGH KORANGA 01-01-1988 GEN 3481512495 74.75 09-02-2015

82. VINEET BELWAL ISHWARI DUTT BELWAL 14-02-1990 GEN 3481516099 74.75 09-02-2015

83. JYOTI BOHRA JAGAT SINGH BOHRA 09-02-1991 GEN WO 3481621334 74.75 09-02-2015



25-02-1993 GEN 3482103266 74.75 09-02-2015

85. SUNIL RAWAT NARENDRA SINGH RAWAT 07-05-1979 GEN 3482340350 74.5 09-02-2015

86. MADAN SINGH PANWAR BHUDI SINGH 02-05-1987 GEN 3481712062 74.5 09-02-2015

87. MANMOHAN SINGH BHUDI SINGH OANWAR 01-06-1988 OBC 3481712068 74.5 10-02-2015

88. YOGITA JOSHI PRAKASH CHANDRA JOSHI 29-03-1989 GEN WO 3481505278 74.5 09-02-2015

89. BHAWANA RAWAT MANISH KUMAR 28-02-1984 GEN WO 3482323395 74.25 09-02-2015

90. MANJARI MATURA FATEH SINGH MATURA 16-05-1988 OBC WO 3481727161 74 10-02-2015

91. SARITA JOSHI UMESH JOSHI 05-06-1991 GEN WO 3482320448 74 09-02-2015

92. BIRAM SINGH DHOOM SINGH 01-03-1984 OBC 3482236401 73.75 10-02-2015

93. NEETI PUNDIR BACHAN SINGH PUNDIR 01-04-1990 GEN WO 3482104031 73.75 09-02-2015

94. KIRAN NEGI SHISH PAL NEGI 03-02-1991 GEN WO 3482114041 73.75 09-02-2015

95. SEEMA BHATT BRIJMOHAN BHATT 12-04-1992 OBC WO 3481726109 73.5 10-02-2015

96. ADITYA GOGENDER ISNGH RANA 28-08-1993 OBC 3482357236 73.5 10-02-2015

97. ROHIT PANWAR UPENDRA SINGH PANWAR 15-06-1994 OBC 3482323394 73.5 10-02-2015

98. MOHAMMED TASLEEM MOHD MIYAN 02-06-1986 OBC 3481613097 73.25 10-02-2015

99. KARNPRIYA MAHAR NAGENDRA SINGH MAHAR 18-05-1989 GEN WO 3481309148 73.25 09-02-2015

100. AZADVEER MAHENDRA SINGH 19-06-1989 SC 3482227007 73.25 10-02-2015

101. KRISHNA RANA YASHPAL SINGH RANA 08-11-1992 OBC WO 3481706129 73.25 10-02-2015

102. SACHIN KUMAR VIJENDER KUMAR 08-01-1993 OBC 3482225482 73.25 10-02-2015

103. RASHMI KATYAR ASHOKA KUMAR KATYAR 09-05-1980 GEN WO 3481619001 73 09-02-2015

104. MADHU ASHUTOSH KHATRI 19-09-1986 GEN WO 3482019396 73 09-02-2015

105. YASHPAL SINGH DEVI SINGH CHAUHAN 10-05-1992 ST 3482352155 73 10-02-2015

106. ANITA RANA BHAGWANT SINGH RANA 12-07-1992 GEN WO 3481530371 73 09-02-2015

107. VIPIN KUMAR ARYA ROSHAN LAL ARYA 24-02-1981 SC 3482315107 72.75 10-02-2015

108. ASHA SURENDRA SINGH 10-02-1982 GEN WO 3482238305 72.75 09-02-2015

109. HIMANI PANDEY J.D.PANDEY 17-02-1989 GEN WO 3482344427 72.75 09-02-2015

110. MOHD FAROOK NOOR HASAN 27-07-1989 OBC 3482208484 72.75 10-02-2015

111. ANITA RANA RATAN SINGH RANA 20-07-1992 GEN WO 3482314059 72.75 09-02-2015



09-04-1995 OBC 3481704295 72.75 10-02-2015

113. DHEERAJ KUMAR GYAN CHAND 16-05-1982 OBC 3482336314 72.5 10-02-2015

114. SUBHASH SAINI JAYPAL SINGH 02-01-1983 OBC 3482216037 72.5 10-02-2015



28-06-1987 GEN WO 3482108006 72.5 09-02-2015

116. DEEPA BUNGLA ARJUN SINGH 07-09-1989 GEN WO 3481313093 72.5 09-02-2015

117. BASANT LAL MANOHAR LAL 11-01-1991 SC 3481205092 72.5 10-02-2015

118. PAWAN SINGH ROHITASH SINGH 25-04-1992 OBC 3481610425 72.5 10-02-2015

119. SHIVANI KALA MANMOHAN KALA 04-07-1994 GEN WO 3482359543 72.5 09-02-2015

120. PRAMOD PRASAD BIJENDRA DUTT SEMWAL 15-10-1980 OBC 3481704296 72.25 10-02-2015

121. UTTAM SINGH RANA NATTHI SINGH 13-04-1982 OBC 3482351178 72.25 10-02-2015



14-04-1988 OBC 3482309081 72.25 10-02-2015

123. AKANGSHA CHAND CHADRI CHAND RAJWAR 01-12-1988 GEN WO 3481319018 72.25 09-02-2015

124. DEEPAK KUMAR HEERA RAM 01-07-1989 SC 3481417664 72.25 10-02-2015

125. ANIL VERMA JAYDEV 05-07-1986 OBC 3481513152 72 10-02-2015

126. SANJAY KANDARI ANAND SINGH KANDARI 02-06-1989 OBC 3482317127 72 10-02-2015

127. NANDA MEHRA VINOD MEHRA 17-01-1992 GEN WO 3482347335 72 09-02-2015

128. PRIYANKA CHAUHAN KABIR SINGH CHAUHAN 15-02-1988 GEN WO 3482335110 71.75 09-02-2015

129. NEHA PAL NARENDRA SINGH PAL 28-05-1990 OBC WO 3482334433 71.75 10-02-2015

130. AMBIKA SATI SUBHASH CHANDRA SATI 17-01-1985 GEN WO 3481804298 71.5 09-02-2015



15-11-1989 OBC WO 3482109004 71.5 10-02-2015

132. RAVINDRA LAL NANDI LAL 14-06-1990 SC 3482122216 71.5 10-02-2015



24-03-1992 GEN WO 3481314100 71.5 09-02-2015

134. BHAWANA JOSHI JITESH PANT 13-08-1984 GEN WO 3481318003 71.25 09-02-2015

135. CHAMPA BISHT SAVID UPRETI 04-12-1984 GEN WO 3481516392 71.25 09-02-2015

136. ARVIND PAL ANAND PAL 06-09-1989 SC 3481707069 71.25 10-02-2015

137. SUMAN JAGMOHAN SINGH NEGI 10-04-1992 GEN WO 3482319483 71.25 09-02-2015

138. JAYSHREE GIRISH CHNDRA JOSHI 25-03-1988 GEN WO 3481303389 71 09-02-2015

139. VIJAY SINGH HARILAL 12-06-1988 SC 3482218196 71 10-02-2015

140. RANJEET SINGH JAIPAL SINGH DEHRADUN 22-08-1989 SC 3482345583 71 10-02-2015

141. KANHAIYA LAL DIWANI RAM 22-01-1978 SC 3481517188 70.75 10-02-2015

142. SAROJ GAUTAM JANPRIYA GAUTAM 17-07-1984 SC WO 3481502084 70.75 10-02-2015

143. SUBHASH DOULAT RAM 04-05-1985 ST 3482347076 70.75 10-02-2015

144. CHANDRA KALA MAHARA KHADAK SINGH MAHARA 03-01-1986 GEN WO 3481308292 70.75 09-02-2015

145. DEEPA ROOP SINGH 05-12-1986 GEN WO 3481814288 70.75 09-02-2015

146. ATAR SINGH DAULAT SINGH 03-04-1988 ST 3481515429 70.75 10-02-2015

147. VINEETA CYHATUR SINGH 03-11-1989 GEN WO 3481410249 70.75 09-02-2015

148. SHOBHA SATISH CHANDRA KIMOTI 02-08-1990 GEN WO 3482022326 70.75 09-02-2015



17-08-982 GEN WO 3482342219 70.5 09-02-2015

150. BHAWANA JASDEV SINGH BHANDARI 01-07-1987 GEN WO 3482312298 70.5 09-02-2015

151. KAVITA BISHT CHANDAN SINGH BISHT 14-06-1988 GEN WO 3481636155 70.5 09-02-2015



25-06-1988 GEN WO 3482307147 70.5 09-02-2015

153. PRIYANKA BHAGWATI PRASAD DIMRI 08-10-1988 GEN WO 3481801449 70.5 09-02-2015

154. VIKRANT SINGH RAMESH SINGH 10-04-1989 SC 3481632109 70.5 10-02-2015

155. INDIRA MAHESHANAND KIMANI 15-02-1991 GEN WO 3482333245 70.5 09-02-2015

156. SEEMA GUSAIN PRATHVI SINGH GUSAIN 22-09-1993 GEN WO 3482332072 70.5 09-02-2015

157. SARITA BHAGWAN SINGH PANWAR 01-01-1994 OBC WO 3481723033 70.5 10-02-2015

158. NISHA RAWAT HARENDRA SINGH RAWAT 02-03-1986 GEN WO 3482343226 70.25 09-02-2015



15-07-1986 GEN WO 3482304141 70.25 09-02-2015

160. REKHA NEGI NARAYAN SINGH NEGI 02-12-1986 GEN WO 3481633313 70.25 09-02-2015

161. PREETI DABRAL JAGDISH PRASAD DABRAL 15-11-1987 GEN WO 3482003012 70.25 09-02-2015

162. KULDEEP SINGH TAKOLA BACHAN SINGH TAKOLA 27-03-1988 ST 3482345207 70.25 10-02-2015



04-06-1990 GEN WO 3482327156 70.25 09-02-2015

164. NANDAN SINGH BHAWAN SINGH 22-06-1990 ST 3481809003 70.25 10-02-2015

165. ANITA PAILU GAJE SINGH PAILU 04-07-1988 GEN WO 3482302170 70 09-02-2015

166. SURBHI NANDKISHOR 25-05-1990 GEN WO 3482230403 70 09-02-2015

167. ABHISHEK KUMAR RAMESH CHANDER 14-07-1990 SC 3481617437 70 10-02-2015

168. RAJAT RAWAT DHARM SINGH RAWAT 03-08-1990 ST 3482349230 70

169. SONIYA DEVI VINOD KUMAR 25-04-1994 OBC WO 3482201380 70 10-02-2015

170. ANITA SHRI OMPRAKASH JOSHI 16-08-1980 GEN WO 3481903322 69.75 09-02-2015

171. TANUJA TEWARI JAGDISH CHANDRA TIWARI 17-06-1982 GEN WO 3481514539 69.75 09-02-2015

172. SANGEETA SHYAM SINGH NEGI 10-09-1987 GEN WO 3482008060 69.75 09-02-2015

173. SANDEEP KUMAR SHOHAN LAL 01-04-1988 SC 3482105076 69.5 10-02-2015

174. RAJ PAL SINGH SURAT SINGH 05-07-1989 GEN PH 3482313231 69.5 09-02-2015

175. SHAILAJA VERMA ANAND LAL VERMA 13-07-1989 OBC WO 3481305136 69.5 10-02-2015

176. ASHA GOSWAMI DEV GIRI 01-01-1991 OBC WO 3481108274 69.5 10-02-2015

177. ARJUN KUMAR CHAMAN SINGH 10-02-1992 SC 3482240020 69.5 10-02-2015

178. SHIV SINGH MAMRAJ SINGH 17-12-1985 SC 3482313282 69.25 10-02-2015

179. KESHAV DATT JOSHI RAGHUVAR DUTT JOSHI 17-02-1979 GEN PH 3481318236 69 09-02-2015

180. PAWAN KUMAR MAMRAJ 08-07-1981 SC 3482221128 69 10-02-2015



02-07-1986 OBC WO 3481712063 69 10-02-2015

182. BALAM SINGH ADHIKARI MADAN SINGH ADHIKARI 10-06-1972 GEN PH 3482322379 68.75 09-02-2015

183. SUSHIL THAPLIYAL SUNDER LAL THAPLIYAL 04-07-1980 GEN DFF 3482301275 68.75 09-02-2015

184. PRAKASH SINGH UDAY SINGH 13-12-1988 GEN PH 3481808224 68.75 09-02-2015

185. RAMESH KUMAR DEV RAM 10-07-1993 SC 3481321145 68.75 10-02-2015

186. SANDEEP KOLI SHRI DHAR LAL KOLI 23-10-1994 SC 3482108453 68.75 10-02-2015

187. RASHMI JOSHI KHAJJAN CHANDER JOSHI 10-04-1987 GEN PH 3481604075 68.5 09-02-2015

188. LOVPREET SINGH SUKHDEV SINGH 23-05-1989 GEN DFF 3482205502 68.25 09-02-2015

189. MONIKA SIPAL JASPAL SINGH SIPAL 29-11-1992 ST WO 3481318217 68.25 10-02-2015

190. PANKAJ SUNORI TARADUTT SUNORI 14-02-1981 GEN EX 3481641342 68 09-02-2015

191. RASHMI SAJWAN RAJENDRA SINGH SAJWAN 02-01-1994 GEN DFF 3482341386 68 09-02-2015

192. BHOLA PRASAD YADAV RAMWARTAR YADAV 04-09-1965 GEN EX 3482324428 67.5 09-02-2015

193. NEELAM RAJKUMAR 20-11-1989 SC WO 3481705382 67.5 10-02-2015

194. KAVITA DHAN SINGH 01-07-1992 ST WO 3481812605 67.25 10-02-2015

195. RAJENDRA PRASAD BHATT RADHA KRISHAN BHATT 22-03-1986 OBC PH 3481712064 66.25 10-02-2015

196. ARTI BHAGWAN SINGH 01-07-1991 SC WO 3482316347 66 10-02-2015

197. ANJU HARISH LAL 20-06-1983 SC WO 3482006206 65.5 10-02-2015

198. HEMLATA GOVIND SINGH 15-07-1988 SC WO 3482353525 65.25 10-02-2015

199. ARADHANA RANA BALVIR SINGH 06-05-1993 ST WO 3481612030 64.75 10-02-2015

200. PRADEEP KUMAR HARI SINGH 29-05-1982 SC PH 3482330125 64.5 10-02-2015



05-02-1987 SC WO 3481704416 64.25 10-02-2015

202. ANURADHA BALAK RAM 03-04-1990 SC WO 3482218260 64.25 10-02-2015

203. MONI TAMTA HARISH TAMTA 01-09-1990 SC WO 3481620188 64.25 10-02-2015

204. PADMA TEKRAM 15-07-1992 SC WO 3481705063 64.25 10-02-2015

205. PINKI ANIL KUMAR 01-07-1991 SC WO 3482018353 64 10-02-2015

206. RASHMI SUBHASH CHAND 15-09-1988 SC WO 3482219476 63.75 10-02-2015

207. KANTA PRASAD NANDRAM 10-08-1975 GEN EX 3482342624 63.25 09-02-2015

208. BIJENDRA MAHRA DUGAR SINGH MAHRA 01-05-1979 GEN EX 3481318173 63 09-02-2015



30-08-1972 GEN EX 3482326214 62.5 09-02-2015

210. JEEWAN SINGH BISHT GOPAL SINGH BISHT GEN EX 3481403475 62.25 09-02-2015

211. NARENDRA SINGH ADHIKARI PRATAP SINGH 19-11-1976 GEN EX 3481619160 61.25 09-02-2015

212. AJAYPAL SINGH BHAGCHAND 28-07-1978 GEN EX 3482359253 61.25 09-02-2015

213. RAJENDRA PRASAD TOTA RAM JOSHI 01-02-1973 OBC DFF 3481704071 59.75 10-02-2015

214. VIKAS VERMA INDER RAM 04-07-1994 SC DFF 3482320450 59.75 10-02-2015

215. RAJU LAL PRALABH DHARWAN 20-06-1981 SC EX 3481904312 57.25 10-02-2015

216. SHEIKH AFZALALI RAUNAK ALI 09-08-1989 OBC EX 3481105298 56.25 10-02-2015

217. RAKESH SINGH DHAMI GAJENDRA SINGH DHAMI 30-11-1994 OBC EX 3481314239 53.75 10-02-2015

218. PREM LAL CHATAK TAMTA 07-04-1968 SC EX 3482111088 48.25 10-02-2015

 Congratulations to the successful candidates!!!


Adults Day 18th November
Anti Terrorism day (Death day of Rajiv Gandhi) 21st May
Army day 15th January
Bhasha Shahid Diwas (India) 19th May
Boxing Day 26th December
Central Excise Day 24th February
Children’s Day (India) 14th November
Christmas Day 25th December
Christmas Eve 24th December
Citizen’s Day 19th November
Civil Service day 21st April
Coal Miners Day 4th May
Commonwealth Day 24th May
Day for Peace & Non-Violence (UN) 21st September
Day of Silence 3rd January
Day of the Deaf 28th September
Earth Day 22nd April
Education Day (India) 11th November
Engineers Day 15th September
Farmer’s Day (Kishan Divas) 23rd December
Father’s Day Third Sunday of June
Fools’ Day 1st April
Global Day of Parents 1st June
Hindi Day 14th September
Hiroshima Day 6th August
Human Rights Day 10th December
Independence Day in U.S 4th July
Indian Air force Day 8th October
Indian Independence Day 15th August
Indigenous People 18th August
International Anti Drugs Day, International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking- 26th June
International Children’s Day 1st June
International Customs Day 26th January
International Day for Biological Diversity 22nd May
International Day for Monuments and Sites 18th April
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaus 27th January
International Day of Democracy 15th September
International Day of Innocent Children, Victims of Aggression 4th June
International Day of Peace 21st September
International Day of the Family 15th May
International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 16th September
International Day of zero Tolerance to Female Genitial Mutilation 6th February
International Friendship Day 3rd August
International Happiness Day 20th March
International Labour Day 1st May
International Mother Language Day 21st February
International nonviolence day 2nd October
International Nursing Day 12th May
International Olympic Day 23rd June
International Seafarer’s Day 25th June
International Student’s Day 17th November
International Tiger Day 29th July
International Volunteer Day 5th December
International Women’s Day 8th March
International youth Day 12th August
Kargil Vijay Divas 26th July
Left Hander’s Day 13th August
Louis Braille Day 4th January
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday 2nd October
Malala Day 12th July
Martyr’s Day (Death Anniversary of Mahtma Gandhi) 30th January
May Day 1st May
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Nagasaki Day 9th August
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National Energy Conservation Day. 14th December
National Girl Child Day 24th January
National Girl Day 2nd February
National Law Day 27th November
National Maritime Day 5th April
National Post Day 10th October
National Science Day 28th February 
National Sports Day 29th August
National Technology Day 11th May
National Voter’s Day 25th January
National Youth Day 12th January
Navy Day 4th December
New Year’s Day 1st January
No Smoking Day 13th March
NRI Day 9th January
Ordnance Factories Day (India) 18th March
Panchayati Divas 24th April
Quit India Day 8th August
Republic Day (India) 26th January
Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer Patients) 22nd September
Sadhhavna Divas 20th August
Saint Patrick’s Day 17th March
Sanskrit Day 24th August
Secreataries Day 23rd April
Street Children’s Day 31st January
Teacher’s Day 5th September
United Nation’s Day 24th October
Universal Children’s Day 20th November
Valentine’s Day 14th February
Women’s Equality Day 26th August
Workers Day 1st May
World AIDS Day 1st December
World Alzheimer’s Day 21st September
World Animal Welfare Day 4th October
World Anti Leprosy Day 30th January
World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April
World Blood Donor Day 14th June
World Book & Copyright Day 23rd April
World Breast Feeding Day 1st August
World Cancer Day 4th February
World Consumer Rights Day 15th March
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development 21st May
World Day of Social Justice 20th February
World Diabetes Day 14th November
World Disable Day 15th March
World Environment Day 5th June
World Food Day 16th October
World Haemophilia Day 17th April
World Handicapped Day 3rd December
World Health Day 7th April
World Heart Day 24th September
World Heritage Day’ 18th April
World Kidney Day 9th March
World Literacy Day 8th September
World Malaria Day 25th April
World Marriage Day 9th February
World Meteorological day 23rd March
World Migratory Bird Day (US & Canada) Second Saturday of May
World Mosquito Day 20th August
World Museum Day 18th May
World Music Day 21st June
World No-Tobacco Day 31st May
World Parkinson’s Disease Day 11th April
World Photography Day 19th August
World Poetry Day 21st March
World Population Day 11th July
World Post Day 9th October
World Press Freedom Day 3rd May
World Radio Day 13th February
World Red Cross Day 8th May
World Refusee Day 20th June
World Senior Citizens’Day 21st August
World Sparrow Day 20th March
World TB Day 24th March
World Telecommunication Day 17th May
World Television Day 21st November
World Thalassaemia Day 9th May
World Tourism Day 27th September
World Turtle Day 23rd May
World Vitiligo Day 25th June
World Water Day 22nd March
World Wildlife Day 3rd March
World Zoonoes Day 6th July



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Niger West African CFA franc XOF
Senegal West African CFA franc XOF
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Abode of the God Prayag (Allahabad)
Blue Mountains Nilgiri
Boston of India Ahmedabad
City of Buildings Kolkata
City of Castles Kolkata
City of festivals Madurai
City of lakes Srinagar
City of Nawabs Lucknow
City of Rallies New Delhi
City of Seven islands Mumbai
City of temples Varanasi
City of weavers Panipat
Dakshin Ganga Godavari
Deccan Queen Pune
Egg bowls of Asia Andhra Pradesh
Electronic city of India Bangalore
Garden City of India Bangalore
Garden of spices of India Kerala
Gateway of India Mumbai
Golden City Amritsar
Heaven of India Jammu & Kashmir
Hollywood of India Mumbai
Manchester of India Ahmedabad
Manchester of the north Kanpur
Manchester of the South Coimbatore
Nick Name of Place Place Name
Old Ganga Godavari
Pink City Jaipur
Pittsburg of India Jamshedpur
Queen of Arabian Sea Cochin
Queen of the Mountains Mussoorie (Uttaranchal)
Sacred river Ganga
Silicon Valley of India Bangalore
Sorrow of Bengal Damodar River
Sorrow of Bihar Kosi River
Soya region Madhya Pradesh
Space City Bangalore
State of five rivers Punjab
Steel city of India Jamshedpur (Called Tatanagar)
Switzerland of India Kashmir
Twin City Hyderabad – Sikandarabad
Venice of the east Cochin



Television J.L. Baird
Radio Marconi
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Electricity Benjamin Franklin
Electric Light Bulb Thomas Edison
Thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Radium Marie Curie
Telescope Galileo
Telegraph Pavel Schilling
Electromagnetic Theory Heinrich Hertz
Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein
X-rays Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen
Cosmic Rays R.A. Millikan
Automobile Ferdinand Verbiest
Penicillin Sir Alexander Fleming
Insulin Frederick Banting
Magnetic Tape Fritz Pfluemer
Raman Effect Sir C.V. Raman
Bohr Electron Theory
Boyle Boyle’s Law
Dalton Atomic Theory
Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev
Transformer and Electric


Michael Faraday
Geometry Euclid
Structure of Atom Ernest Rutherford
Law of Gases Gay Lussac
Electromagnetic Field James Clerk Maxwell
Motion of Planets Johannes Kepler
Principle of relativity Galileo Galilei
Newtons Law of Motion


Isaac Newton


Electron J.J. Thomson
Photon Albert Einstein
Theory of Atom John Dalton
Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner
Quantum Mechanics Max Born
Quantum Theory


Max Plank




The Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) combined state upper subordinate service examination (PCS PRE Exam 2012), which was successfully held on 30th November 2014 at various examination centers.

Since the UKPSC has adopted CSAT  from this year and considering the difficulty level in General Aptitude for non- Maths background aspirants, the expected cut-off for Preliminary exam would be around 185-190 (General) . In the GA paper, there are some questions having more than one answers or the incorrect answer being shown in Official answer key.

Although the General Studies was easy but with negative marking in the paper, its never easy to score 110/150 for every Tom Dick and Harry. Some of the questions asked in GS were very tricky this time. For example:

1) Who is the author of the book ‘ The Accumulation of Capital’? a)Joan Robinson b) Adam smith c)Lord Maynard Keynes d) None Most of the students have marked Adam Smith as he has written ‘The wealth of Nations’ but the correct answer is Joan Robinson.

2) There was a question on E-mail message, while most of the candidates opted for E-mail spamming but the correct one was E-mail bombing.

3) In Cyber Law ‘DOS’ means; Maximum candidates right away went for Disk Operating System instead of Denial Of service.

4) There was a question on New Development Bank by BRICS coountries: Maximum candidates opted for $100 bn instead of $50bn as $100 bn was the initial authorised capital while $50 bn was the initial subsidized capital.

The General Aptitude section was completely within reach of Bank P.O/Clerk aspirants as they are habitual of tackling statement and assumption, conclusion type question. This section was full of Maths and reasoning questions. Although the paper was not very tough but it wasn’t easy either.

After negative marking the likely score in GS: 100-105/150       &        GA: 85-90/150. Expected cut-off  in Uttarakhand PCS (pre): 185-190/300 (General)

Category The expected cut-off Marks
General 185-190
OBC 160-170
SC 140-150
ST 125-135

So, those who have scored more than 185 marks should start preparations for PCS mains and those who are near 180 marks must fill up the objection formats in support of their claims in the disputed questions and answers.

I hope you would find your names in the list of 2500 aspirants clearing the first hurdle. Best of Luck Guys!

Exams are fun not fear

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