Afghanistan — Shora
Andorra — General Council
Albania — People’s Assembly
Azerbaijan — Melli Majlis
Algeria — National People’s Assembly
Angola — National People’s Assembly
Argentina — National Congress
Australia — Federal Parliament
Austria — National Assembly
Bahamas — General Assembly
Bahrain — Consultative Council
Bangladesh — Jatiya Sansad
Belize — National Assembly
Bhutan — Tshogdu
Bolivia — National Congress
Brazil — National Congress
Brunei — National Assembly
Botswana — National Assembly
Britain — Parliment (House of Common’s & House of
Bulgaria — Narodno Subranie.
Cambodia — National Assembly
Congo Democratic — Rep. of National Legislative
Colombia — Congress
Canada — Parliament
China — National People’s Congress
Chile — Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Comoros — Legislative Council and Senate
Costa Rice — Legislative Council and Senate
Crotia — Sabor
Cuba — National Assembly of People’s Power
Czech Republic — Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Denmark — Folketing
Ecuador — Natinal Congress
El Salvador — Legislative Assembly
East Timor — Constituent Assembly
Ethiopia — Federal Council and House of
Egypt — People’s Assembly
Fiji Islands — Senate & House of Representative
France — National Assembly
Finland — Eduskusta (Parliament)
Germany — Bundestag(Lower House),Bundesrat
Guyana — National Assembly
Greece — Chamber of Deputies
Hungary — National Assembly
Iceland — Althing
India — Parliament
Indonesia — People’s Consultative Assembly
Iran — Majlis
Iraq — National Assembly
Israel — Knesset
Italy — Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Japan — Diet
Jordan — National Assembly
Korea(North) — Supreme People’s Assembly
Korea(South) — National Assembly
Kuwait — National Assembly
Kenya — National Assembly
Laos — People’s Supreme Assembly
Labanon — National Assembly
Lesotho — National Assembly and Senate
Lithuania — Seimas
Luxembourg — Chamber of Deputies
Liberia — National Assembly
Libya — General People’s Congress
Malaysia — Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara
Maldives — Majlis Madagascar — National People’s
Mongolia — Great People’s Khural
Montenegro — Federal Assembly
Mozambique — People’s Assembly
Myanmar — Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal — National Panchayat
Netherlands — The State General
Norway — Storting
New Zealand — Parliament (House of
Oman — Monarchy
Pakistan — National Assembly & Senate
Paraguay — Senate & Chamber of Deputies
Philippines — The Congress
Papua New Guinea — National Parliament
Poland — Sejm
Romania — Great National Assembly
Russia — Duma & Federal Council
Serbia — Federal Assembly
Senegal — National Assembly
Seychelles — People’s Assembly
Somalia — People’s Assembly
South Africa — Rep. House of Assembly
Spain — Cortes
Sweden — Riksdag
Saudi Arabia — Majlis Al Shura
Sudan — National Assembly
Switzerland — Federal Assembly
Syria — People’s Council
Turkey — Grand National Assembly
Tunisia — National Assembly
USA — Congress
Vietnam — National Assembly
Venezuela — National Congress
Zaire — National Legislative Council
Zambia — National Assembly



Start where you stand

and never mind the past,

the past won’t help you in beginning new.

If you have left it all behind at last.

Why, that’s enough,

you are done with it, you are through;

This is another chapter in the book,

this is another race that you have planned.

Start where you stand,

The world won’t care about your old defeats.

If you start anew and win success,

The future is your time, and time fleets.

And there is much of work and strain and stress;

Forget the buries woes and dead despairs

Here is a brand new trial right at hand

The future is for him who does & dares,

Start where you stand— Berton Braley

Stay motivated, keep your nerves under control….



Lunatic पागल , विक्षिप्त , Insane, Mad, Frantic

Luna chalane wale पागल hote hain. (Who rides Luna these days?)

Annihilate विनाशकरना, अस्तित्व  मिटादेना Destroy, Exterminate, Ruin

Anni k sir pe 5 ghare the, Anni ke Hilate hi sab Destroy go gaye!

Bleak सूना, रूखा, निराशाजनक, ठंडा Cheerless, Cold, Dismal

Blood Leak (B-leak) ho to cold feel hota hai.

Grave गंभीर , चिंताजनक , समाधी ,Serious, Alarming, Unpleasant

Graves ( समाधी) of Brave,

Brave are Grave (serious)

Dearth आभाव, अकाल Scarcity, Shortage, Deficiency

Degradation of Earth brings Dearth(अकाल)

Facile मिलनसार, सुगम, सरल Easy, smooth

Face pe   Smile ho to sab kuch Easy ho jata hai

Lethal घातक, नाशकारी, Deadly

Shetal is lethal (deadly beautiful).

Frugal अल्पवयी, बचानेवाला , मितव्ययी Economical, Thrifty, Sparing

Frock wali Gal (Manju) is Frugal (kanjus hai)

Taint धब्बा, कलंक, विकृति, spot, spoil, decay

Paint se Taint lag gaya!

Vanity घमंड, अहंकार, conceit, Pride

Vani is an Arrogant girl!

Try to learn them any way. English is not our mother tongue and in order to learn its words we have to make some memorable associations with our own language and past experiences. Initially I also got afraid of unfamiliar words, but there is no other way to escape!

We have to learn them by hook or by crook. No one is coming to ask how you learnt them, so make some funny pictures in mind and build your armoury…

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends!!!

ज्ञान बाँटने से बढ़ताहै!!!



  • Apprehension:        अनुभव, डर, शंका, गिरफ़्तार, Fear,  Arrest, Concern
  • Benign:                       अनुकूल, दयालु, सौम्य,Kind, Gentle, Beneficial
  • Cardinal:                   प्रधान, प्रमुख, मुख्य, Chief, Important, Significant
  • Jeopardize:              जोखिम में डालना, Endanger, Peril, Risk, Hazard
  • Lucid:                          साफ़, चमकीला Clear, Bright, Understandable
  • Magnanimous:      उदार Kind, Generous, Liberal, Noble, Charitable
  • Notion:                      धारणा, विचार, भावना, Belief, Concept, Idea, View
  • Outrage :                  अत्याचार, उपद्रव ,दुर्व्यवहार, Injury, Insult, Offend,
  • Prodigal:                   खर्चीला,उदार, अतिव्यय, Extravagant, Careless,                                            Lavish, Spendthrift, Reckless,
  • Quench:                    बुझाना, शांतकरना, ठंडाकरना, नष्टकरना Mitigate                                         Extinguish, Suppress, Alleviate

I am dedicating this section for the improvement of vocabulary for exams. It takes a huge time to master this section of English, but if you prepare it in a planned way then you can score sufficient marks. Almost 15 to 20 questions appear in the form of antonyms and synonyms. Ignorance  of vocabulary is suicidal in exams.

These words are very important for various competitive exams. From my own experience I can assure you that these words are being repeated again and again in different exams. Learn these words and smile in examination hall when they come in front of you!

keep visiting!!!



प्र० अंग्रेजों के शाषन काल में बंगाल विभाजन की योजना कब प्रभावी हुई थी?

1) 7 अगस्त, 1905

2) 14 अक्टूबर, 1905

3) 20 जुलाई, 1905

4) 16 अक्टूबर, 1905



उत्तर० 16 अक्टूबर, 1905

बंगाल प्रेसीडेंसी तत्कालीन सभी प्रेसिडेंसीएस में सबसे बड़ी थी, इसमें पस्च्मि और पूर्वी बंगाल सहित बिहार और ओर्रिसा भी शामिल थे. असम बंगाल से 1874 में ही अलग हो चूका था.

यद्यपि तत्कालीन गवर्नर जनरल ने इस विभाजन का कारण प्रशाशनिक असुविधा बताया परन्तु विभाजन का वास्तविक कारण कुछ और था क्यूंकि बंगाल उस समय राष्ट्रीय चेतना का केंद्र बिंदु था और इसी चेतना को नष्ट करने के लिए बंगाल विभाजन का निर्णय लिया गया .

20 जुलाई  1905 बंगाल विभाजन के निर्णय की घोषणा हुई.7 अगस्त को कलकत्ता के टाउन हॉल में संपन्न एक बैठक में स्वदेशी आंदोलन की घोषणा हुई तथा बहिष्कार प्रस्ताव पारित हुआ.16 अक्टूबर 1905 को बंगाल विभाजन की योजना प्रभावी हो गई .

विभाजन के बाद पूर्वी बंगाल और असम को मिलकर एक नया प्रान्त बनाया गया जिसमे राजशाही, चटगांव , ढाका आदि सम्मिलित थे जहाँ की कुल जनसँख्या 3 करोड़ थी, ढाका यहाँ की राजधानी थी.

विभाजित बंगाल के दूसरे भाग में प० बंगाल, बिहार और ओरिसा थे , जिसकी कुल आबादी 5 करोड़ थी जिनमे 4 करोड़ हिन्दू और १ करोड़ मुस्लिम थे.

16 अक्टूबर, 1905 का दिन समूचे बंगाल में शोकदिवस के रूप में मना गया लोगो ने उब्वास रखा, वन्देमाराम के गीत गए औरएक दूसरे को राखी बंधी, इस दिन को राखी दिवस के रूप में भी मनाया गया.

बंगाल विभाजन का विरोध दिन प्रतिदिन बढ़ता जा रहा था, बंगाली बुधीजनो ने विभाजन को अपनी एकता और राष्ट्रवाद पर प्रहार माना और इस कृत्य को बंगाल की संस्कृति, इतिहास, भाषा का अपमान के रूप में देखा गया. राष्ट्रवादियों ने इस प्रस्ताव को अंग्रेजो की “फुट डालो और राज करो” की नीति का अंग करार दिया.

बंगाल विभाजन का चाहे कुछ भी प्रशाशनिक आधार बताया गया हो पर इतिहास में यह लार्ड कर्जन की एक भयंकर भूल के नाम से जानी गयी, इस कुकृत्य से अंग्रेजो की मंशा का साक्षात्कार पुरे देश को हो गया था.

1911 में बंगाल को फिर एक कर दिया गया , बंगाल विभाजन और उसके परिणाम स्वरुप जो विरोध उत्पन्न हुआ उसने भविष्य में होने वाले राष्ट्रीय अन्दोलानो के लिए देश को एकजुट करने का महत्वपूर्ण कार्य किया.

competitive exam question


प्रशन: कांग्रेस का प्रथम विभाजन कब और किस अधिवेशन में हुआ था ?

१) 1916, लखनऊ अधिवेशन

२) 1906, कलकत्ता अधिवेशन

३) 1907, सूरत अधिवेशन

४) 1905 , बनारस अधिवेशन

उत्तर: 1907, सूरत अधिवेशन

सूरत का अधिवेशन 26 दिसंबर 1907  को ताप्ती नदी के किनारे हुआ था. 1907  में सूरत में आयोजित कांग्रेस के वार्षिक अधिवेशन में उदारवादियों और उग्रपंथी  में अध्यक्ष के पद को लेकर कांग्रेस  का विभाजन हो गया. उग्रपंथी जहाँ लाला लाजपत राय को कांग्रेस के सूरत अधिवेशन का अध्यक्ष बनाना चाहते थे, वहीँ उदारवादी रास बिहारी बोस को कांग्रेस का अध्यक्ष बनें चाहते थे. अंतता रास बिहारी अध्यक्ष बनने में सफल हुए.

सम्मलेन में उग्रपंथी द्वारा 1906  के कलकत्ता अधिवेशन में पास करवाये गए 4  प्रस्ताव स्वदेशी, बहिष्कार , राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा और स्वशाशन के प्रयोग को लेकर विवाद और गहरा गया और अंतता दोनों पक्षों में खुले संघर्स के बाद कांग्रेस में पहला विभाजन हो गया.

atmosphere 11


 तुम से मिलने थी आई!!!

T S M The I E (Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Ionosphere Exosphere)


Our Inner-consciousness says…

TruSt Me In The Exam

 Tr        – Troposphere

 St        – Stratosphere

 Me      – Mesosphere

 In        – Ionosphere

 The     -Thermosphere

 Ex        -Exosphere

 The earth is surrounded by the atmosphere, which is the body of air or gasses that protects our planet and enables life. Most of our atmosphere is located close to the earth’s surface where it is most dense. The air of our planet is 78% nitrogen and just under 21% oxygen; the small amount remaining is composed of carbon dioxide and other gasses.

The earth’s atmosphere consists of few layers like spherical shells. On the basis of the characteristics of temperature and air pressure, there are five layers from the earth’s surface upwards.

1)    Troposphere: It is the lower most and the most important layer of the atmosphere as almost all the weather phenomena like fog, cloud, dew, frost, rainfall, hailstorm, cloud-thunder, lightning etc. occur in this layer. In this layer, temperature decreases with increasing height at the rate of 10 C/165 m or 6.5 0C/1000m. This rate of decrease in temperature is called Normal lapse rate. The average height of the troposphere is about 16 km over the equator and 6 km over the poles.

2)    Stratosphere: The upper limit of the stratosphere is taken to be 50km. Temperature remains stable at the beginning of this layer but it suddenly starts changing after the height of 20 km. This sudden change in temperature is due to the presence of Ozone Layer, which absorb the ultraviolet radiations. This layer of the atmosphere is almost free from the weather disturbances, hence it is preferred by the pilots to fly their aeroplanes.

3)    Mesosphere: This layer extends between 50 km and 80 km. Temperature again decreases with increasing height. At the uppermost limit of mesosphere (80km) temperature becomes -80degree C. This limit is called Mesopause above which temperature increases with increasing height. The part of the atmosphere beyond Mesopause is known as Thermosphere where temperature increases rapidly with increasing height. Thermosphere is divided into two layers viz. Ionosphere and Exosphere.

4)    Ionosphere: It extends from 80 km to 640 km. electrically charged or ionized particles are abundantly found in this layer. There are number of ionic layers in this sphere which reflect back the radio waves of low, medium, high and very high frequency.

5)    Exosphere: It represents the upper most layers of the atmosphere. It extends beyond 640 km of height from the sea level. Electrically charged particles are found abundantly in this layer also. The atmosphere becomes rarefied at the height of 1000 km and it ultimately merges with the space beyond that height.

In most of the one-day exams one question on these layers usually come to irritate us. So learn them conceptually, having diagram of atmosphere in the mind.

Good luck friends, and don’t forget to like and share this post… :-)

interview tip


Why you need to prepare for your job interview?

Because the government jobs are few and candidates called for the interview are almost five times the vacant posts.

But its an Irony that 70% students don’t properly plan their interviews well before the written exams, so they don’t find their names in the merit list and if they have excelled in written exam then only they could expect some miracle to happen.

Interview also need an equal amount of attention just like  your written exams. In the objective type (containing four options) written exams you can make guesses while in interview you have to be absolutely clear in your thoughts & ideas.

In my 6th SSB at Bangalore, one of the officer at SSB Center briefed us and said ” Act in such a way that you can make fool of us for 5 days and you will be recommended. Show us those qualities which we are looking for in an officer. It doesn’t matter whether you have them or not! If  you show us, we will select you!!!”

But is it possible to change our self in just 5 days?

Answer is the BIG NO!

Keep this fact in mind that Personality can’t be changed overnight, so does your knowledge level. Interview which is the in-depth analysis of one’s personality needs well planned, well rehearsed and thorough preparation. This is the top most secret of all the successful candidates.

They prepare themselves for each and every expected question likely to be asked in their interviews and then present their answers in such a way that it seems to be an instant answer and not a planned one ;-)

This is an Art! and art takes time to be learned….

In the next posts on interview I will tell u very important interview tricks for cracking  interviews of AC, Bank P.O, S.S.C, LIC,  etc.



In order to crack any exam, you have to read the mind of examiners and continuously keep tracking  the changing trends of the upcoming exams.

But for a beginner, first of all BASICS must be strengthened and then one should go for the second step i.e analysis of PAPER PATTERN of the exam concerned.

When someone starts preparation of competitive exams, he/she doesn’t know what to read and what to leave!!! Another problem faced by candidates is how to memories huge facts & GK.

You can score an honorable marks in Reasoning & Maths by just 6 months of regular practice but improvement in General Knowledge and English takes a good amount of time. So, the key to success in competitive exams is to have a very good command over GK and English.

In this blog I will try to sort out your problems and help you cross various hurdles in different stages of the exams.

Exams are fun not fear

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