Lunatic पागल , विक्षिप्त , Insane, Mad, Frantic

Luna chalane wale पागल hote hain. (Who rides Luna these days?)

Annihilate विनाशकरना, अस्तित्व  मिटादेना Destroy, Exterminate, Ruin

Anni k sir pe 5 ghare the, Anni ke Hilate hi sab Destroy go gaye!

Bleak सूना, रूखा, निराशाजनक, ठंडा Cheerless, Cold, Dismal

Blood Leak (B-leak) ho to cold feel hota hai.

Grave गंभीर , चिंताजनक , समाधी ,Serious, Alarming, Unpleasant

Graves ( समाधी) of Brave,

Brave are Grave (serious)

Dearth आभाव, अकाल Scarcity, Shortage, Deficiency

Degradation of Earth brings Dearth(अकाल)

Facile मिलनसार, सुगम, सरल Easy, smooth

Face pe   Smile ho to sab kuch Easy ho jata hai

Lethal घातक, नाशकारी, Deadly

Shetal is lethal (deadly beautiful).

Frugal अल्पवयी, बचानेवाला , मितव्ययी Economical, Thrifty, Sparing

Frock wali Gal (Manju) is Frugal (kanjus hai)

Taint धब्बा, कलंक, विकृति, spot, spoil, decay

Paint se Taint lag gaya!

Vanity घमंड, अहंकार, conceit, Pride

Vani is an Arrogant girl!

Try to learn them any way. English is not our mother tongue and in order to learn its words we have to make some memorable associations with our own language and past experiences. Initially I also got afraid of unfamiliar words, but there is no other way to escape!

We have to learn them by hook or by crook. No one is coming to ask how you learnt them, so make some funny pictures in mind and build your armoury…

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