Candidates preparing Idioms and Phrases for, LIC ADO, RBI Exams SSC Graduate Level, CPO SI, Uttarakhand SI, Railway, UPSC, PCS exams and other state level competitive exams must understand and learn Idioms and Phrases already asked in the exams as there is a huge probability of repetition of such Idioms and Phrases questions again and again in the upcoming competitive exams. So it’s always advisable to keep brushing your knowledge besides gaining the new found one!

For your convenience we have come up with the series of collection of important Idioms and Phrases which can be asked in the upcoming Staff selection Commission SSC exams and other competitive exams. Just go through them and remain tension free…


  • To throw in the towel :-To abandon a practice or activity

Example: After being hit by a lawsuit, he threw in the towel and sold his business.

  • At loggerheads :-To be enemies; to be at war

Example: Three times India and Pakistan were at loggerheads over the Kashmir issue.

  • A bolt from the blue :-Something unexpected

Example: The news of his father’s death came to us like a bolt from the blue.

  • To rain cats and dogs :-To rain very heavily

Example: He couldn’t go out, even though he had his umbrella, because it was raining cats and dogs.

  • To make both ends meet :-To live within one’s income

Example: Even with a good wage, nowadays it is difficult to make both ends meet.

  • Sword of Damocles :-An impending danger

Example: The possibility of a third world war is hanging over our heads like a sword of Damocles.

  • To put the cat among the pigeons :-Introduce someone who is likely to cause trouble

Example: The new officer is an efficiency expert; that will put the cat among the pigeons.

  • An iota of :-Little of truth, doubt etc.

Example: Your statement does not have even an iota of truth.

  • In the pipeline :-Certain to happen

Example: Mr Mohan’s promotion is in the pipeline. It only has to be approved by the Chairman.

  • To keep abreast of :-To be in touch with

Example: Read the newspapers if you want to keep abreast of the times.

  • To steal a march :-To gain advantage over

Example: I stole a march on him and frustrated his evil designs against me.

  • A square peg in a round hole :-Misfit

Example: Roshan is only a matriculate. If you promote him as an administrator, he will prove to be a square peg in a round hole.

  • A daredevil :-A person who does not care for any consequences

Example: That daredevil is going to jump into the water from a great height.

  • To eat one’s words :-To apologise in a humiliating manner

Example: He had to eat his words when he discovered that his employee, whom he had accused of theft, was quite innocent.

  • To turn a deaf ear :-To ignore

Example: The boss turned a deaf ear to the secretary’s pleading and dismissed her.

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