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Candidates preparing One Word Substitutions- SSC exams, SSC CGL Graduate Level, RBI assistant exam, RBI Grade-B exam, LIC AAO, LIC ADO exam CPO SI, Uttarakhand SI, Railway, UPSC, PCS exams and other state level competitive exams must understand and learn One Word Substitutions already asked in the exams as there is a huge probability of repetition of such One Word Substitutions questions again and again in the upcoming competitive exams. So it’s always advisable to keep brushing your knowledge besides gaining the new found one!

For your convenience we have come up with the list of some important One Word Substitutions which were asked in previous years exams of SSC, SSC CGL and SSC 10+2. So remember these One Word Substitutions and score well in the upcoming Staff selection Commission SSC exams and other competitive exams. Just learn them and remain tension free…


  • One who eats too much- Glutton.
  • An exaggerated statement – Hyperbole
  • A woman with pale gold hair – Blonde
  • A remedy for all kind of disease- Panacea
  • One who abstain from alcoholic drinks-Teetotaller
  • One who studies, collects and sell things of past-Antiquarian
  • A lightly constructed open booth generally used as news stand – kiosk
  • Allowance given to wife after legal divorce- Alimony
  • The sound of funeral bell – knell
  • An office that has no work but high salary – Sinecure
  • An introduction to long poem- Prologue
  • Property inherited from ones father or ancestor –  Patrimony
  • A short journey of pleasure – Jaunt
  • One who spend too much- Spendthrift
  • One who secretly listen to the talk of others- Eavesdropper.
  • One who look serious and threatening- saturnine
  • A person in his eighties- octogenarian
  • That which can be carried – Portable
  • A general pardon of offenders – Amnesty
  • A place where dead bodies are cremated- crematorium
  • Service for which no salary is paid- Honorary
  • One who walk in sleep – somnambulist
  • A person who is fond of fighting- Bellicose
  • A person who is devoted to welfare of women- Feminist
  • The time when two person have romantic relationship before get married- courtship
  • One who talks in sleep- Somniloquent
  • That cannot be changed- Irrevocable
  • A man who is womanish in his habits- Effeminate
  • A place at a railway station where luggage is kept- Cloakroom
  • The art of drawing map- Cartography
  • A medicine that counteract the effect of poison- Antidote
  • one who does not believe in existence of God- Atheist
  • An agreements between belligerents to stop fighting – Armistice, Truce, Ceasefire
  • Exact copy of a work of art – Replica
  • One who is unable to pay his debt- Insolvent
  • An official right of a person to make use of all invention for research- patent

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