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All of us have hidden potential or I should say all have the same potential to achieve success but even then some succeed and some fail in their pursuits. Those who succeed would hardly tell you the secret of their success but I will let you know that…

That secret is : – Preparation + Strategy = Success

I have personally followed the same method and succeeded in numerous exams. Before I disclose you my success fundas, I want to tell you that I am a very average boy and still I achieved many milestones in competitive exams. If I can do so why can’t you!!!

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  1. tell me how to prepare for district cooperative bank exams 2015 of clerk/cashier.
    And please send me the link of previous paper of this exam.

    1. Vikram,
      for dcb exam stick to the paper pattern given in the notification. The paper will the mix of current and traditional gk. Although the paper will be not so tough but it wont be easy for candidates preparing for other bank exams!!!

    1. Dear mandip,
      for ssc cgl you have to command over all the sections equally. Considering the cut throat competition in ssc exams, one has to necessarily master the concepts.
      For English- Go for DGP and English is easy. I wont recommend wren and martin.
      For GK- First complete Lucent then go for separate subjects, prepare current affairs on weekly basis.
      For Maths- Complete RS Aggarwal three times!
      Reasoning- Practice last 10 Year papers of SSC for reasoning and other sections. There are huge questions which are repeatedly being asked in this paper again and again.
      So dear Get set go dont wait for first step!!!

  2. respected sir please kindly help me for dcb exam 2015 if you have any previous years question paper please send

  3. Only 15 days left my position in ssc cgl is 35+ res . 35+ in math 20+ in gs and 10+ in english . pls help me to clear this exam . i want to know how to get min 130+ in cgl . plz help sir

    1. Dear Alok,
      your score in Reasoning and maths is satisfactory. However you can score bit higher in reasoning section. As far as getting 130 plus marks is concerned, you have to score more than 35 in GS and at least 35 In English which not an impossible task

    2. Although 15 Days is very short time, but you can focus on vocab, idioms, one word substitutions. Detecting errors demands good command over grammer and thorough knowledge of common rules for error detection, which takes time. So I will suggest you to just focus on what can be done in such a short span of time.
      For GS section, go through the previous years papers as soon as possible and prepare current affairs of last six months by heart!
      Best of Luck!!!

  4. sir , will u give me some tips fr preparing gk for DCB exam fr clerk/cashier ?.. from where I can sharpen mi gk as it
    is d toughest part fr me…

  5. hello sir,
    i am preparing for Bank xams+ CGL from last 2 years but facing failures again & again and getting demotivated. I have speed problem as i waste my time in maths and thus do very less in reasoning which is the most scoring section. I prepared from RS aggarwal. My english skills are moderate. I am confused how to create a way to get success. As you rightly mentioned, strategy is important, but because i fill lots of exam i find it very difficult to follow a certain strategy. As you know there is lot of competition, i can’t stick to preparation for 1 exam only.

    1. Dear vivek
      There is huge difference in the paper pattern of ssc and bank po exams. So the strategy for both the exams also vary.
      Most important aspect for success is time management in exam for which you have do previous years paper pratice daily and with strict time limits.
      For bank Po and Ssc- Always attempt reasoning first, then maths, then
      english and Gk. FOLLOW this pattern

    2. Vivek, you can prepare for both the exams. Current affairs prepared for bank exam will also help in ssc. And GK for ssc is traditional one, which requires revision only. As you are preparing since two years you would have already covered the syllabus. Just focus on previous papers of ssc. They repeatedly ask same questions again and again.
      For ssc English, prepare vocabulary from one national newspaper, preferably Indian Express!!!
      Go through the Dhillon Group of Publication for Good command in Grammer. It will be more than sufficient for ssc.
      Bank po english will be covered by daily newspaper reading Plus SSC english prep.
      For bank po maths, prepare Different types of DI from BSC previous papers only. DONT PREPARE FROM model practice sets.
      When ever you do paper practice, attempt easy questions in 30 Min for Reasoning, 30 for Maths, 25 Min for english and 15 Min for GK. Then attempt the tough question in remaining time.

  6. sir ibps rrb me hindi suject ki teyari kese ki jay me hindi me hi fail hota hu hindi ki kai book bata do plz help sir

  7. Respected sir

    I want to crack U.P.S.C exam, history is very tough subject for me, please provide me some short tricks to cover this subject.

    1. Dear pankaj,
      upsc can never be cracked by short tricks!
      Upsc exams are prepared in such a manner that rote learning and tricks find no place. What helps is shear hard work and your conceptual knowledge.

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