Candidates preparing SSC CGL English Vocabulary for SSC Graduate Level, RBI assistant exam, RBI Grade-B exam, LIC AAO, LIC ADO exam CPO SI, Uttarakhand SI, Railway, UPSC, PCS exams and other state level competitive exams must understand and learn SSC CGL English Vocabulary already asked in the exams as there is a huge probability of repetition of such English Vocabulary questions again and again in the upcoming competitive exams. So it’s always advisable to keep brushing your knowledge besides gaining the new found one!

For your convenience we have come up with the series of collection of important English Vocabulary which can be asked in the upcoming Staff selection Commission SSC exams and other competitive exams. Just learn them and remain tension free…


  • Abeyance; suspended action
  • Abysmal: Bottomless, extreme
  • Aloof: Reserved, indifferent
  • Bellicose-belligerent, pugnacious, warlike
  • Benevolence-wish or activity in doing good
  • Blithe: Cheerful, casual, carefree
  • Boisterous: Loud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
  • Cite: Give as an example
  • Cogitate: Think deeply, mediate
  • Coherent: Sticking together
  • Decree: Order given by authority
  • Denigrate: Blacken, belittle, sully, defame
  • Deter: Discourage, hinder
  • Egress: Way out, exit
  • Eloquence: Fluent speaking; skillful use of language
  • Endemic: Prevailing in a specific area
  • Fallacy: False or mistaken belief
  • Flout: Reject, mock, to go against
  • Foil: Prevent from carrying out; contrast
  • Grave: Serious, requiring consideration
  • Grievance: Cause for complaint or protest
  • Harangue: a long, passionate speech
  • Hoax: Mischievous trick
  • Hoodwink: To deceive.
  • Immaculate: Pure, faultless
  • Imminent: Likely to come or happen soon
  • Impecunious: Having little or no money
  • Jabber: Talk excitedly; utter rapidly
  • Lament: Show, feel great sorrow
  • Loquacious: Talkative, garrulous
  • Lull: Become quiet or less active
  • Malign: Injurious, speak ill of somebody
  • Manacle: Chains for the hands or feet
  • Mercurial: Quick, changeable in character, fleeting
  • Mesmerize: Hypnotize

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