Candidates preparing Idioms and Phrases for SSC Graduate Level, CPO SI, Uttarakhand SI, Railway, UPSC, PCS exams and other state level competitive exams must understand and learn Idioms and Phrases already asked in the exams as there is a huge probability of repetition of such Idioms and Phrases questions again and again in the upcoming competitive exams. So it’s always advisable to keep brushing your knowledge besides gaining the new found one!

For your convenience we have come up with the series of collection of important Idioms and Phrases which can be asked in the upcoming Staff selection Commission SSC exams and other competitive exams. Just go through them and remain tension free…


  • A bull in a china shop:-A misfit

Example – He was basically a teacher. When he was asked to work as an administrator, he proved to be a bull in a china shop.

  • To eat humble pie:-To apologise in a humble manner

Example -If I place the facts before you, you shall have to eat humble pie.

  • Once in a blue moon:-Very rarely

Example -Anita comes to see us once in a blue moon.

  • From pillar to post:-From one person to another

Example -He moved from pillar to post for his son’s admission to the public school but in vain.

  • Bury the hatchet:-Make peace after a quarrel

Example -After a compromise, they decided to bury the hatchet and become friends again.

  • A cock and bull story:-An improbable excuse


Example -When asked why he was late, the boy made up a cock and bull story which nobody believed.

  • To call a spade a spade:-To be frank and truthful


Example -I believe in calling a spade a spade even if the heavens fall.


  • A cold fish:-A person devoid of emotions


Example -It is no use making a sentimental appeal to that man. He is a cold fish

  • To turn over a new leaf:-To reform oneself


Example -After Rajesh was sacked for drinking, he turned over a new leaf and became a teetotaller.


  • To make a clean breast of it:-To confess a wrong doing


Example -The boy made a clean breast of it and told his father that he had smashed the window.


  • Harp on the same string:-Dwell on the same subject repetitively


Example -He is a bore, he always harp on the same string.


  • A wild goose chase:-A useless and foolish search


Example -Your efforts to find a solution to your son’s problems are nothing short of a wild goose chase.


  • A man of straw:-A man of no substance; a symbolic representative of power or office


Example -The new managing director is so much under the chairman’s thumb that he is a man of straw.


  • To keep one’s fingers crossed:-To hope fervently


Example -Although I was doubtful, I kept my fingers crossed in the hope that I would pass the exam.


  • The pros and cons:-The arguments for and against a proposition


Example -They argued the pros and cons before accepting the assignment.

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