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Almost 5 Years have passed since I cracked SBI P.O Exam but the rules for How to Crack SBI P.O Interview are still the same!!!

I would like to congratulate all the aspiring candidates who have cleared SBI P.O Preliminary exam and appeared in the SBI P.O 2015 Mains. Now the last hurdle between them and their dream job is waiting for them eagerly!

Yes, you got it right! GD/PI.

Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD/PI), which is the final stage of selection has to be prepare very carefully. Those who had already faced other Bank P.O Interviews won’t be that much tensed like the first timers. But those who are facing their maiden interview for Bank P.O would have lots of questions in their mind like –

  • How to prepare for Group Discussion (GD)?
  • How to prepare for Personal Interview (PI)?
  • Whether speak in Hindi or in English during GD/PI?
  • What is the proper time to enter in the Group Discussion?

Read and absorb the following points before starting your preparation for SBI P.O Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD/PI):-

  • Be careful while filling up the Biodata form

A Biodata form will be sent to you along with the call letter. Take your time while filling up the details in the above mentioned Biodata form. Your one mistake can spoil your whole interview. Never bluff about extracurricular activities and hobbies. In most of the cases candidates are trapped in the interview as they can’t justify their claims made in the Biodata form. Always write what you actually do as a hobby. One of the candidates has written “cooking” as his hobby and you would be surprised to know that the whole interview of SBI P.O of about 20 minutes revolved around “cooking” only. That candidate finally got selected. Can you sustain yourself in the interview with a fake hobby and fake extracurricular activities?

  • Be Honest in your answers-

Never make an excuse of lower marks in any exam, be it school level or Graduation. Sometimes the interviewer raises a question that why have you scored badly in graduation three years continuously? This question is like an attack on the intelligence of the candidates! As a result most of the candidates blame any artificial situation, health issue of family condition for their poor performance. Then follows the series of counter questions from the interview leaving no place of rescue for the candidates. Your answer to such question indicates whether you take on the responsibility or blame others for your own performance.

  • Don’t Underestimate yourself-

Interview matters the most! If you have scored low marks in the written exam and you are afraid that low marks will not let you crack the exam then you are wrong. It’s true that the high scorers have good chance of selection but they too have to face the interview. From my personal experience I can authoritatively assert that Interview Board has the power to select or reject a candidate, no matter whether he /she scored high or low. Everything depends on GD/PI performance. So prepare and focus on the Interview.

  • Dress and Appearance

Dress and Appearance do matters, but the very moments you start uttering words, appearance takes the back seat and your thoughts & expression take the charge of your Interview!

  • Language in the Group Discussion and Interview-

Don’t speak to impress the interviewer. Most of the times candidates remain in dilemma whether to speak in Hindi or English? It’s up to you, whatever language you chose but the sole purpose should be to express your thoughts clearly. Never speak in English if you are not comfortable with it. The panel wants to check your knowledge, group behaviour and thoughts not the Language.

I have cracked all the Interviews in Hindi Language and none interrupted me to speak in English.

  • Some Very Important points for SBI P.O Interview-
  • Search the Website of SBI for gathering the history, chairman, achievements, last year profit and loss, NPA figures, new schemes launched by the bank, etc.
  • If you are already in a job then be prepared to tackle job related questions and why do you want to leave your current job type questions.
  • Be prepared to answer the most important question, why do you want to join the banking sector after doing Btech/MCA and other technical degree.
  • Make a list of top 5 National and International events and focus on banking sector related events.
  • Gather information about your native place, district and home state.
  • Role of Bank P.O and how will you increase the business as manager of a branch?
  • How your experience / degree are beneficial for SBI?
  • RBI’s role and latest changes in banking sector.
  • Economic terms like CRR/SLR etc should be on tips.
  • Financial Inclusion steps taken by Government and role of banking industry.
  • NEVER Criticize government policies and decisions because the policy makers are much smarter than us and it lays a negative impact on the Interviewer.
  • Write your answers and rehearse in front of mirror. Take at least two mock interviews before the actual interview.

The above list is just an indication so start your preparation in the like manner.

In the next post I would tell you How to prepare for Group Discussion of SBI P.O.

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